All outdoor activities are carried out at your own risk.


By entering this area you agree upon the following:


The members, authors, and contributors of Vinnutrappa AS are not responsible for any damage, personal injuries, or death as a result of the use of any information, maps, routes, advice, gear, or techniques mentioned on this website and/or related social media pages.


Your safety is your own responsibility. All users of the Vinnutrappa facility must assume responsibility for their own actions and safety, exercise sound judgment, be prepared for all conditions, and seek advice on current weather and current trail conditions. These conditions change from day to day and from season to season, rendering responsibility for any information solely with the user/hiker.


Risk is always a factor in hiking and wilderness adventure. Experience and preparation can reduce risk, but can never eliminate it. It is the responsibility of the users to learn the necessary skills for safe hiking and off-trail adventure hiking.


The contributors disclaim any liability for accident, loss, injury, inconvenience, or any other damage that may be sustained by anyone using the information contained on this website or other information channel. You are solely responsible for using your judgment in interpreting and using this information to safely enjoy your own outdoor pursuits.

Vinnutrappa or its partners take no responsibility nor assume any liability for inaccuracies, errors, omission, or incompleteness of any information.


Vinnutrappa AS, its shareholders, its sponsors, its advertisers, and/or anyone contributing parties to Vinnutrappa/the facility shall not be held liable for any inconvenience, accidents, rescues, injuries, or loss of life in conjunction with use.


The seasonal closure of the Vinnutrappa facility will be announced at the website and/or with sign at the trail site. The facility is exclusively intended for summer season operation only.


The trail and the surrounding area are recommended closed from November 01 to May 15.


Temporary closure of Vinnutrappa/trail might occur without prior notice due to construction work, weather conditions, unforeseen events or similar.

Crossing of physical barriers or willful ignorance of signs is strictly prohibited.

Entering Vinnutrappa/the trail whilst closed is strictly prohibited.



Vinnutrappa AS



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